Coriolis mass flowmeters

We offer Coriolis mass flow meters that measure both the velocity and density independently through vibrations and phase shifts as the fluid flows through the two flow tubes of the meter. A Mass flow meter can be used to measure any liquid. It can usually handle a two phase fluid with bubbling of about 5%. There is a pressure drop as the fluid flows through a Mass flow meter. This type of flow meter has no moving parts and is extremely accurate, since two independent measurements provide the mass flow rate. Owing to the accuracy, these are ideally suited for custody transfer applications. Since the liquid properties are not used in the measurement, these can also be used for steam, LPG, hydrocarbons, conducting or non-conducting fluids, making it an extremely versatile meter.

Coriolis mass flowmeters

Applications of Coriolis Mass Flowmeters

  • LPG consumption measurement in ovens
  • LPG transfer lines
  • Fuel loading/unloading lines
  • Water lines in food production, power generation or other applications
  • Steam lines (high pressure, high temperature)
Product Data Sheets

Micro Motion Elite Series – Download

Micro Motion F-Series – Download

Micro Motion R-Series – Download

Micro Motion ELITE Peak Performance Coriolis Flow and Density Meter

Micro Motion F-Series Compact, Drainable Coriolis Flow and Density Meters

Micro Motion R-Series General Purpose Coriolis Flow and Density Meters

Micro Motion 1700 and 2700 Field and Integral Mount Transmitter

Micro Motion 3500 and 3700 Controller and Transmitter

Micro Motion 5700 Field-Mount Transmitter

Micro Motion ProLink III Configuration & Service Tool for Flow Meters

Coriolis mass flow meters

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