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The Fisher Vee-Ball V150 control valve is your best choice for performance and cost-effectiveness across a broad range of applications. The precision-machined parts and pressure-balanced seal designs allow smooth, precise valve operation.

Valve End Connection Styles Flanged valves that mate with CL150 raised-face flanges and EN 1092-1 Type B raised-face and Type F Recess
Packing Constructions PTFE V-ring: -46 to 232C (-50 to 450F) Graphite: -198 to 538C (-325 to 1000F) ENVIRO-SEAL Single PTFE V-ring: -46 to 232C (-50 to 450F) (for 100 ppm service requirements) ENVIRO-SEAL Graphite: -7 to 316C (20 to 600F) (for 100 ppm service requirements). This packing arrangement can be used to 371C (700F) for non-environmental service.
Flow Characteristic Modified equal percentage
Face-to-Face Dimensions Standard Face-to-Face dimensions comply with ISA S75.08.02
Maximum Ball Rotation 90 degrees
Features Application Versatility Long Service Life Excellent Flow Control Sour Service Capability Smooth Valve Operation Quick and Easy Maintenance Structural Integrity Exceptional Environmental Capabilities Severe Service Trim Options
Fisher™ Vee-Ball™ V150S Flanged Control Valve

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