– Product Datasheet – 

The SC310 provides versatile, robust and field proven performance in a rugged package designed for the most extreme industrial environments. For all flammable gas types, % LEL detection is fast and reliable with simplified field serviceability using the M2B, M21, or M22 universal transmitters. SensorGuard technology protects against exposures to high gas concentrations allowing a full 5 year warranty on the SC310 sensor.

Repeatability ± 1% LEL full scale
Accuracy ±3 % < 50 % | ±5 % > 50 %
Detection Range   0–100 % LEL Gases Detected (partial list): Methane, Propane, n-Butane, Isobutylene, Hydrogen, Ethane, Pentane, Hexane, Heptane, Ethylene, Propylene
Zero Drift ±2 % per month
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) IEC 61000-4-3
Temperature -40°F to +167°F (-40°C to +75°C)
Relative Humidity 0–95 % RH non condensing
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating IP64
Enclosure Material Aluminum (AL6061) or stainless steel (SS316)
Certifications/Approvals IECEx, INMETRO, North American
Sensor Separation Up to 2,000 feet/600 meters (18 AWG cabling)
Transmitter Required Millennium II Series (M21, M22, M2B)
Net Safety Millennium II SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor

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