With the Rosemount 2088 Gage and Absolute Pressure Transmitter, you can keep on schedule with a quick and easy-to-install solution. This transmitter features a Local Operator Interface (LOI) that has easy-to-use menus and built-in configuration buttons, so you can commission the device on the spot without complicated tools. This pressure transmitter is also available with manifolds and remote seals.

– Product Datasheet  –
Accuracy ±0.075% of calibrated span
Long term stability ±0.10% of URL for 3 years
Measurement Range Up to 4,000 psig (275,8 bar) Gage, Up to 4,000 psia (275,8 bar) Absolute
Measurement type Gage, Absolute
Transmitter output 4-20 mA HART®, 1-5 V Low Power HART
Process Wetted Material SST, Cast C-276
Approvals and certifications ATEX, IECEx, INMETRO, XP & DIP, EAC, Canada Explosionproof, Intrinsic Safety, Division 2,
Industry standards and commercial approvals NSF, NACE®, hazardous location
Measurement application software option  
ETO product option  
Certificates, tests, calibrations, and services Available
Rosemount™ 2088 Gage and Absolute Pressure Transmitter

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