Since we understand that one size does not fit all in the process industry, we spend much time and effort to ensure that the correct product is sized and selected.

Sizing a products means choosing the correct size to match the process parameters. Depending on the item needed, the required process parameters would vary. Link to process information needed.

Selecting the appropriate items entails choosing the features that match the requirement and this has a direct impact on the price of the product.

Our primary goal is to make your process run optimally, creating the environment for you to achieve manufacturing or process excellence. Our core competence is in measurement, analysis and control equipment and solutions to get the job done efficiently, effortlessly, effectively. We represent the best measurement and process control manufacturers in the world. We are capable of measuring and controlling, level, flow, temperature and pressure in any type of environment, extremely accurately and precisely.

The product lines we represent are manufactured by Emerson Automation Solutions, Brodie International, ISOIL Impianti, MTL, General Instruments Consortium, Winters, Golden Promise Equipment, Shengda

The brands we provide are:
Fisher – Valves, actuators, regulators, spares
Rosemount – Pressure transmitters, level transmitters, temperature sensors and transmitters, radar and ultrasonic level gauges, acoustic transmitters, magnetic float switches, magnetic flowmeters, differential pressure flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, annubar flowmeters and automatic tank gauging solutions

Micro Motion – Mass flowmeters, density meters

Pentair – Valves, Actuators

Winters – Pressure gauges, pressure transmitters

General Instruments  – Pressure gauges, Temperature gauges

MTL – Surge protectors

ISOIL – Flow meters, Terminal Automation

OLE – Level solutions

Product Sizing and Selection

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